“It’s incredibly validating being in a room of women who have had similar feelings about their birth experiences, and Pamela was excellent in guiding me and the whole group in accepting our own birth stories. We looked at our deeply held beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth and how they affect our feelings about our traumatic births and ourselves. With sensitivity and respect Pamela lead us through exercises that healed our hearts. The most powerful exercise was writing my traumatic birth story and reflecting upon it with Pamela’s guidance, and I was empowered to visualize and write my next birth story, a triumphant VBAC, which came true just a few months after participating in Mothers Healing Together. Having a specific time and place to focus on lifting the cloud of my traumatic birth truly made all the difference in my daily life as well as in my journey towards my future birth.” – B.

“Thank you again for helping me move forward after a traumatizing birth with my first child. The months after that birth were so emotionally isolating. I would wake in the night with panic attacks. I knew I needed to help myself, but I didn’t know how. The resources I found online weren’t a fit. I needed something more personal and concrete to help me articulate my story and feelings and move forward. When I heard about Mothers Healing Together, it was providential. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Years later, I still cannot thank you enough. Your style is gentle, encouraging, open-ended, and friendly. My second birth, which happened a few months after our sessions ended, was extremely empowering and healing, and I look back on it with such a warm heart. Just recently, I went into my third birth with confidence and wholeness. Thank you, Pamela, for the gift of space for healing that you give mothers!” – P.

“Pamela empowered me. Following a traumatic birth experience that left me feeling dehumanized and worthless, she provided me with the tools and the space that I needed in order to become my whole self again.” – E.