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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after Childbirth
National Center for PTSD
The Truth About Traumatic Birth
How to Heal a Bad Birth
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Birth Trauma Association UK


Traumatic Childbirth by Cheryl Beck, Jeanne Watson Driscoll, and Sue Watson
Birth as a healing experience by Lois Halzel Freedman
This isn’t what I expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression by Karen R. Kleiman and Valerie D Raskin
Rebounding from Childbirth by Lynn Madsen
Cut, Stapled, and Mended by Roanna Rosewood
Dancing on the Edge of Sanity by Ana Clare Rouds
Birth Trauma by Kim Thomas




  • Stephanie Kraft, MS (Burke)
    (202) 250-1051, hypnotherapy session releases trauma from negative birth experiences, one session is sufficient to prepare for subsequent birth, also offers classes in hypnobirthing
  • Jennifer Santoro, MD (Fairfax) (703) 207-0001, offers short- and long-term psychotherapy as well as medication evaluation for mood and anxiety disorders
  • Virginia Jones, PsyD (McLean) (703) 550-4355, with 15 years of experience, offers unique, individualized support
  • Carlos Durana, PhD (Reston) (703) 408-4965, integrative medicine, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and counseling
  • Susan Trachman, MD (Fairfax)
    (703) 573-8259, specializes in reproductive psychiatrics including mood and anxiety disorders and loss, does not take insurance
  • Mariana Niemtzoff, MD (Arlington) (703) 527-37,
  • Betty Donskoy, MD (Reston) (703) 550-4165, whole person health advocate
  • Terri Adams, LCSW (Fairfax), (703) 385-7600 x1, services in
    reproductive mental health, as well as coordinator for loss group MIS/Share
  • Debra Caplowe, LCSW (Falls Church) (703) 795-4226, trained counselor in PPD and anxiety and mood disorders; also runs
  • Mary Brough, LPC (Reston), (703) 742-8540, experienced counselor offers individualized therapy to facilitate return to normal function
  • Ellen Borman, LCSW (McLean), (703) 237-3045, counselor with 37 years of
    experience offers individual therapy for anxiety and depression, takes insurance
  • Benta Sims, LPC (Falls Church), (703) 536-9469
  • Senovia Ross, LMFT (Alexandria), (703) 678-9873

Washington, DC

  • Eileen Dombo, PhD (202) 423-9509
  • Megan Flood, LICSW (202) 841-7051
  • Sheryl Aron, MSW, LICSW (202) 265-1000 x3
  • Nicola Netta White, LICSW (202) 297-3835

Workshops & Classes

  • Jill Chasse, PhD (202) 230-4126, offers mother-baby dyad support services including healing circles and pre-birth bonding workshops
  • Kristen Marsh and Artis Mooney (571) 332-8054,
    Offers a one-time workshop called ‘Healing from Birth Trauma’

Postpartum Virginia Peer-to-peer Support Groups


Washington, DC