Welcome to Mothers Healing Together

Our Mission

The purpose of Mothers Healing Together (MHT) is to provide a healing and positive community for those with birth trauma. Mothers Healing Together supports women looking for answers, yet does not take the place of professional medical advice.  We are mothers helping mothers by establishing an environment conducive to healing and personal development.

Our Values

We believe that childbirth is both an emotional as well as a physical event.  Some of these sentiments include the desire for more complete information prior to birth, the desire to maintain control over the birth process, the desire to be free to view pain as a personal issue and the desire for explanations after birth.  Mothers Healing Together seeks to develop our communal and personal understanding of the experience of childbirth with utmost respect for a woman’s choice and individual circumstances.

Our Environment

We will provide woman-specific discussion which includes non-judgmental, open communication, and the provision of supplemental information and resources.